Orchestras, stage bands, marching bands, choirs, variety shows, rock bands, country bands, blues bands, dixieland bands, contemporary jazz bands ......they have all had their influences on Collin's music today. Today, for now, it's a one man show. With the technology available today Collin continues to build a fun and exciting repertoire and present a polished show or great special event experience. 

Live Music

Music, Moods and Memories 

With the pleasure of many years of musical performances and experience, Collin continues to entertain with a great varietal repertoire and enthusiasm for the show. The ability to tell a story through song is such a great gift. Relating the feelings and emotions that music offers is a rewarding experience. 

Growing with an early appreciation for classical music as a young piano student, then taking up the trumpet and having the opportunity to play many styles of music through the years has helped Collin build a repertoire that spans time and taste for presentation.  

Collin & the Invisibles

Collin is a great act for parties, special events and is a favorite showman in many senior communities. He has the ability to act as a spokesman, announcer and MC for varied events and if your a winery, he can relate some wine knowledge to an audience.  When possible he can tailor the presentation to special themes. 

​Go ahead and have a look at some of the repertoire on the MUSIC page.